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Never the Twain, Interzone 274, Mar-Apr 2018
Surviving your teens is tough for everyone, but it’s especially tough when your soul is split between two bodies. Of different sexes. In two different centuries. On two different planets. And one of you is dying.
If Your Powers Fail You in a City Under Tin, Interzone 271, July–Aug 2017
In theory, Jun has the power to rescue his missing boyfriend. In practice, not so much.
The Transmuted Child, Interzone 268, Jan–Feb 2017
Sister Dao Nghiem must travel to a distant planet to meet inscrutable aliens in the hope of righting a terrible wrong. But how can she overcome an almost insurmountable communication barrier to elicit interspecies empathy?
Bend Back the Shadows, Escape Pod 531, May 2016
Stuck in orbit around a ruined planet, a little girl wonders what’s left for her.
Welcome to Willoughby’s, Cast of Wonders 224, December 2016
An interplanetary courier goes off course and makes a ghoulish discovery.
Bodhi Beyond the Rim, AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, March 2016
An android boots up for the first time and discovers life is not going to be anything like it had been led to believe.
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